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ATS software that will change the recruitment roadmap — forever.

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A perfected candidate experience that boosts application quality and enhances your employer brand.
Fast and intuitive application management software that provides powerful audience insights.

Of all the reasons to select your ATS — choosing AI is the sure-fire way of future-proofing your investment.

Super smart assisted candidate selection, no microbias — effortlessly sorts through thousands of candidates to find your ideal best-fit — in astounding speed.

iQ is AI supercharged. Your ATS should support you — talent is a key decision and where there is volume — there is the chance of mistakes. iQ helps in many ways — it assists selection, it helps create content and it manages data. And this is just the start.

iQ offers what is perhaps the best user experience of an ATS in the world. And why is that important? Because we’ve all had to use solutions that we hate — and forcing your team or candidates to use a product that hasn’t got UX at its core is not what recruitment should be.

Take a look at our candidate experience. Let’s start with the Careers Hub — a careers website, featured jobs page, blog, map and current opportunities list — all in one. Branded for your company. And this is just the start. Single-page job description and application process, incredibly content-rich with information about the role. Videos, gorgeous big images, no role was ever sold so well.

User experience. Perfected.

Here it is. The future of the application process. A complete one-page content-rich job description and application form combined. Designed for mobile as well as desktop. Built to make your recruitment process best in class. Completely comprehensive in every way — this is how candidate engagement should be.

With iQ you can build everything your own way. Either Quick Apply or a totally in-depth and inclusive application with psychometrics and video interviewing. Sell the role with videos, testimonials, roles sponsors and shift patterns — all presented to look beautiful and on brand.

And, just like the job description, the application form is customisable by role. A myriad of intelligent steps that give you deeper understanding of your applicants and their capability.

Redesigned. Redefined. This is iQ.

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Engagement and experience are not superficial with iQ. The suite of content-rich emails, text messaging, 360 candidate feedback all adds up to a brand experience that your marketing team would be envious of. It shows you care, you resource properly, considerately and build talent pools that significantly drive down your cost to hire.

And if you think the front-end experience is the end of the iQ story, you’re wrong. From the customisable dashboard, intuitive drag-and-drop technology and deep data insights, you know you’re using a solution that has just about every feature and function you need to attract, select and assess the best talent — wrapped up in a solution that is not just easy to use, it’s a joy.

Every function you want in an ATS is here. iQ integrates seamlessly with practically every best-in-class solution out there: every job board, HR system and L&D platform you can think of.

As a product, iQ is constantly learning and evolving. Not only does it learn about you — your resourcing preferences, people and roles, and apply what it learns to candidate selection, but as it’s SaaS, we’re constantly adding to its features, especially with the latest assistive AI developments. It won’t replace you — but it will certainly be the best recruitment assistant you’ve ever hired.

Works like no other ATS

That’s because it’s iQ. When we sat down to create it, we didn’t base the blueprints on any other ATS out there. Instead, we spent nine years researching what candidates and recruiters needed from the application process. We used their wish list to develop a new people-focused ATS from the ground up. The result is a solution that works seamlessly with your team and delivers a great experience for all its users—HR users, line managers and especially candidates. Clients have called it “intuitive”, “Apple-like”, “incredible” and “a game changer”. What will the best candidates in the talent market call it? You can ask them at their interview.

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